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‘The ultimate findings might show how the construction industry, rather than approaching the manufacturing industry, is suddenly entering a new world, dictated by an “operational and behavioural” mood.’

The behavioural approach to offsite in construction

Angelo Ciribini

‘Platforms make construction a lot more like manufacturing. A digitally designed “kit of parts” can be used across many different kinds of asset, creating a high-volume, consistent demand so that ...

Building on platforms

Jaimie Johnston

‘If something appears on more than one piece of documentation (for example, plan and elevation or section and schedule) then it should be modelled. This will improve the quality of ...

New year, new approach: Make 2019 your year for pragmatic BIM

Karl Thurston

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(Experts in our latest round table suggest client engagement is key). I don't understand CDM regulations states the importance of ...

How can consultants meet the challenge of BIM ...

Great article! So well explained. Cristina, you should join the new Prop Tech platform, Unissu - I'm involved in a ...

Julia Valentine
‘Potential to use BIM data in digital twins ...

Have to agree with Mac Muzvimwe on the general lack of awareness & understanding of what BIM is? Unlike the ...

Timothy Bizabani
How can consultants meet the challenge of BIM ...

Useful article. I found some information about BRE BIM that is worth attention. Apparently, not many companies managed to introduce ...

Nik Writer
BIM language is holding us back says communications ...

Harry HONDE Everyone involved in the IM process (which is every organisation in the AEC industry) will have to master ...

John Ford
Transition from 1192 to 19650 – Avoiding the ...